In the Hans Sternbach Winery,
we believe that good wine starts with good grapes

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In the Hans Sternbach Restaurant we use
freshly produce from our organic garden

Our Story

The Hans Sternbach Vineyard

Is the materialization of a dream about an agricultural touristic complex

The vineyard is situated in the farm of Gadi Sternbach, and Shula Yefet at the village of Giv`at-Yesha`ayahu in the district of 'Adulam.

It consists of a sustainable vineyard, a winery, an organic vegetable & fruit garden, a restaurant and a venue for small events.

an organic orchard, organically grown livestock, and a few guest rooms will be added in the future. The farm will have facilities for the collection and storage of Rainwater, for the clearing and purification of all grey water and for the production of sustainable energy

The vineyard, named after Gadi's father, is about one mile away from the farmyard and the winery.

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Contact us

Telephone: 02-9990162
Cell (Gadi Sternbach): 052-3859926

Winery & Restaurant Hours

Friday & Saturday : 10:00 AM–18:00 PM
During the weekdays please call in advance



D.N. Emek Ha'Ella
Giva’at Yesha’yahu 83