The menu in our restaurant is in Rustic Mediterranean style. The basis of this kitchen is the local Palestinian cuisine. However, as a winery we are committed to cooking with wine. As this is completely lacking in the local cuisine, we borrow recipes from the wine consuming regions around the Mediterranean.

Hence there are on the menu traditional dishes like Frike soup, Maqluba and Siniya in Tahina sauce, or in Tomato sauce but also dishes like Siniya in Wine sauce, Bresaola Carpaccio (with a wine cured bresaola, that is made on the farm), 'Adulamite beef stew (in red wine) and Cockerel in red wine and also side dishes like brown glazed onions in red wine and red cabbage in red wine.



There is on the menu an abundance of different salads, some traditional Palestinian and some in 'Palestinian style'.

Many of the salads, quiches and soups are seasonal, based on crops of the garden, in their season, as well as on the many edible wild plants, that are common in the region in winter and in spring (king trumpet mushroom, mallow, mustard, wild spinach, water cress, chicory, tumbleweed etc.).

The meals are accompanied by the excellent wines of the winery and are served in two vine pergolas, overlooking the magnificent landscape of the tributaries of the Ella valley.

Shula's Delicacies - cold roasted and cured beef cuts, soft cheeses, jellies, jams and marmalades, made from the fruit of the restaurant's garden (figs, strawberries apricots, pumpkin, aubergines, cherry-tomatoes etc.) can be bought during the activity hours of the restaurant.


On Friday and on Saturday:

  • The restaurant is open to the general public from 10:00 a.m. to the departure of the last guest.
  • From 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. the restaurant serves a rich Israeli breakfast.
  • From 12:00 p.m. on, an extensive menu of lunch & dinner is being served.
  • It is recommended to reserve tables ahead of time.

On the other week days – by prior arrangement:

  • Order Meals for groups (10 pax & up)
  • Taste & Buy Shula's Delicacies.
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Contact us

Telephone: 02-9990162
Cell (Gadi Sternbach): 052-3859926

Winery & Restaurant Hours

Friday & Saturday : 10:00 AM–18:00 PM
During the weekdays please call in advance



D.N. Emek Ha'Ella
Giva’at Yesha’yahu 83