The vine pergola of the winery, overlooking the magnificent landscape of the tributaries of the Ella valley is where we hold our yearly wine launches and small events.
The pergola has two wings, a northern wing and an eastern wing. Its total area is about 2250 sq. ft.
Along its northern and western side are planted grape wines that cover the roof of the pergola. On its southern and eastern side vines of passion fruit create a shadow wall, to protect from the evening sun.

At the eastern edge of the pergola stand a large, built, wood burning oven and a large, built, Argentinean style grill.

The pergola can accommodate comfortably some 200 guests. The place is equipped with two toilette cells, one suitable for people using a wheel chair.

The pergola is adjacent to our winery. Participants of events can coordinate free visits to the winery and wine tastings

לוגו לאורך 02

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