Dining at the Hans Sternbach Vineyard

HSW restaurant plate

We are a rustic restaurant, that aims to serve excellent, moderately simple, real food, without the label of “gourmet”. We want to serve food and not compositions on the plates. As a vineyard and a winery we are committed to cooking with wine.

The food we prepare has a local character, to be based on local recipes and to be made from local ingredients in their season. We aspire to produce as much as possible of the ingredients ourselves and use the wild plants that grow in our organic garden as much as possible.

In according to our ecologic perception, we want to make food out of ingredients and staples of known origin and of clear quality (not necessarily the most “exquisite” or the most expensive available, we are aware of cost) and we try to avoid as much as possible the use of ready made industrial products. We are committed to sustainability and to defending the environment.

We try to avoid as much as possible staple and ingredients, which have been hauled long distances by air land and sea. Hence, you will not find in our restaurant cheese from Parma, mussels from New Zeeland, Atlantic salt or water from the Golan Heights.


All items are served with bread & butter

Egg and fish dishes are served only until 12:00 pm



All soups & salads this page are served with bread & butter

First Courses

Cold First Courses

The five items are served with bread or toast

Warm First Courses

Main Courses

Both dishes and accompanied by brown glazed onions, red cabbage braised in red wine, rice & green salad.

The four dishes are served with small oven baked potatoes and a green salad.

Dessert & Drinks


Cold Drinks

Hot Drinks

Hans Sternbach Wines in the Restaurant