In the Hans Sternbach Vineyard we believe, that good wines starts with good grapes. Therefore we grow them ourselves.

From here, let the grapes be in the forefront. The winemaker's role is to give the grapes the optimal conditions to develop into wine and interfere as little as possible.

The grapes and not the biophysical & biochemical manipulations of the winemaker should determine the character and quality of the wine.

We believe in 'terroir' - the idea that the special character of a wine results from the unique combination of the topography, soil and climate of its site of growth and of the cultural traditions, associated with the methods of its cultivation and vinification.

Therefore the names of our wines are, as common in the "Old World" of wine, geographical and express the location of the vineyard, in which the wine is grown.

לוגו לאורך 02

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Friday & Saturday : 10:00 AM–18:00 PM
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