The Vineyard

Many of the prime vineyards in the drainage basin of the Ella Valley are located in the Haklil Valley and its tributaries. Most of them belong to vintners of Giv`at-Yesha`ayahu, the main wine village in the district of ‘Adulam.

The Janaba vineyard, in which the grapes are grown, is planted at the foot of the lower Janaba ruin on the right side of the Hakhlil Valley, not far from its influx into the Ella Valley.


The vineyard is planted on brown alluvial soil which is fairly light, well drained and leached, poor in free lime and rich in river pebbles.

The vineyard is blessed by a micro-climate characterized by unusually cold nights, even in summer, that contribute to a late ripening of the grapes and to the development of their aroma and color.

Being well rooted, the vineyard now requires minimal irrigation and is fertilized organically. It is rarely ploughed. Winter weeds are shredded along with the pruning waste, so that very little herbicide is used. The use of fungicides and insecticides is also minimal.

The old vineyard was planted in 1996. It consists of 1.25 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon.In 2010 the adjacent plot has been planted with ca. 0.8 ha of Syrah and 0.1 – 0.15 ha. each, of Petit-Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier and Rousanne.

A combination of a visit to the vineyard, a visit and tastings in the winery and a talk with the wine maker form a 2 hour workshop on the subject ‘Terroir’

  • The maximum number of participants on wine workshops is 20.
  • The wine workshops will be accompanied by dry rusks or croutons and by water for mouth freshening.
  • The tours and workshops can be upgraded with the tasting of additional wines. Price: ₪ 8 for each additional wine.
  • The tours and workshops can be upgraded with cheese plates And/or cold cut plates (all home made) accompanied by home made sourdough bread. The snacks will be served after the wine tasting
    Price: ₪ 50 per person.