At the Hans Sternbach Vineyard we think, that in order for the winemaker, to be able, to make wine with minimal intervention, the winery equipment should be suitable to its purpose, easy to use, easy to clean and easy to maintain. Therefore all our basic equipment, crusher-destemmer, pumps, fermentation tanks and press is made of easy to clean stainless steel. All the machines have a higher capacity, than what is needed for our present level of production.

As most of our red wines are intended for long keeping, they need aging in barrels. We use barrels for 3 Years (for 2 wines).

In the past we have tried renewing barrels and stopped. We thought that a winery of our size cannot afford an automatic bottling system and waited for the establishment of portable systems. One of them has been serving us well since several years.

Our yearly production is around 12000 bottles + 2000 liter nouveau (in bulk) per year.

Our wines have no Rabbinical certificate.