The winery makes three series of generic wines. It is committed to the geographical origin of the grapes, but neither to their varietal composition, nor to producing all three every year.

משק יין מעובד-3

Janaba- The Premium Series

These wines are made only from the grapes that are grown in the Janaba Vineyard.
This series includes three wines-
Janaba Reserve (Red) a Cabernet sauvignon  premium wine, since 2000
La- Janaba (Red)  a Syrah premium wine, since 2013
Janaba White a sauvignon blanc premium wine, since 2013

משק יין מעובד-5

Hakhlil Valley- The Second Series

This serease is also made from the Janaba Vineyard and neighboring vineyads in the Hakhlil Valley.
This serease includes three wines-
Hakhlil Valley (Red) is a blend from the verities in the vineyard, since 2003.
Hakhlil Valley Rose is a blend from the verities in the vineyard, since 2015.
Hakhlil Valley White is a blend from the verities in the vineyard, since 2013.


Emek Ha'Ella- the "Nouveau" 

A red wine that is intended to be consumed up to a year after the harvest. Although the name could suggest that the grapes origin could be in the entire Ella Valley, the grapes for this wine are from the Hakhlil Valley harvest. We separate the juice directly after the fermentation.

Most of the winery's wine is sold directly in the farm thus eliminating extra costs for our costumers.

לוגו לאורך 02

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