Hakhlil Rose 15

The Hakhlil Valley Rose 2015 is made mostly (around 3/4) from Syrah grapes, that were harvested from Janaba vineyard, and Cabernet- Sauvignon (around 1/4) from the winery’s vine pergola.
In the second week of August were harvested by hand around 900 kg. per duman. In the beginning of September were the pergolas grapes harvested.
The grapes were crushed into juice that was macerated with skins around 10 hours, extracted, clarified and fermented slowly in a low temperature. In the process the wine fermented while using the wild yeast that were on the grapes, without adding yeast culture.
The wine was stabilized in heat and cold, clarified, filtered and bottled in the beginning of January 2016.
The result is a light, fruity and crisp wine. The wine will be ready to drink in February  2016.

Price per bottle ₪ 70 , 6 bottles ₪ 390 , 12 bottles ₪ 720.


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