Heres Wine

heres-NV front
"He speaks to the sun and it does not shine;
    he seals off the light of the stars."
(Job's reply to Bildad the Shuhite. Job 9:7)

“Heres wine” was aged in two oak barrels that stood in the courtyard of the winery exposed to “Heres” which is a biblical Hebrew word for the sun. In the autumn of 2003 after the launch of the Ella Valley Wine 2003 we transferred about 150 L. remaining in the Valley of the Ella 2002 to a barrel in the yard. So that they would become vinegar and we forgot about them. After a long time we came to extract vinegar from the barrel and discovered that a layer of floral yeast (Flor) had developed on the surface of the liquid. the taste of the wine was similar to that of sherry. We have fortified the wine with alcohol and since then, every time there is wine in the winery that doesn’t have a place in one of the blends, it has been transferred to the same barrel and strengthened accordingly. When the barrel was filled (not completely – in barrels of sherry you leave room at the top of the barrel, so that the Flor yeast will develop over the wine) we continued to a second barrel. This was filled in the summer of 2012.

In both barrels, the layer of yeast disappeared after a while and the wine became more oxygenated. After stabilizing, clarifying and filtering, we strengthened the wine to about 18.5% alcohol. At the end of January 2013 we bottled about 550 bottles.

The result is wine with an oxidized nature and a typical aroma of almonds and roasted nuts. The wine bottles should be stored standing in a cool, dark place without large fluctuations in temperature. There is no need for a wine cooler. Open bottles can be kept for several weeks in a cool room. Serve at 16 ° C-14 ° C. In wide white wine glasses.

Price per bottle 110 ₪, 6 bottles 630 ₪, 12 bottles 1200 ₪