Wine tasting & Snacks

In the course of the roller coaster of covid 19 the arrangements of activity on the farm have changed:

The restaurant, which was open to the general public on weekends, has closed.

The winery no longer holds regular winery tours, with long winemaker lectures.

We now operate in a format we call “wine tasting and snacks”.

You can get a guided wine tasting and buy wine.

We serve picnic baskets, which can be accompanied by wine.

It is possible, on the basis of available space, to enjoy the picnic baskets on the premises of the farm.

On Fridays and on Saturdays you can come for “wine tastings and snacks”, without prior arrangement, from 10:00 until dark (or until we run out of food). There is no need and it is not possible to reserve places.

On other week days “wine tastings and snacks” are by appointment only.

Tasting price: 10 for each wine tasted.

Anyone buying a bottle, is not charged for the tasting.

The tasting can be accompanied or, (preferably) followed by “snacks”.
See the menu below.

We returned to holding small events and meals for groups, on all days of the week, by prior arrangement and on a fixed menu.

Snack menu

  • Cheese basket for two – hard, ripe and soft cheeses, house bread and butter, cut vegetables, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, pickled bell peppers, tapenade, pecans.
  • Charcuterie basket for two – bresaola, corned beef, pickled tongue, roast beef, house bread and butter, mustard, white horseradish, pickled peppers.
  • Extra bread – 18
  • Extra butter – 5
  • Jar of jam – 25

On our picnic baskets

Out of concern for sustainability, preservation of the environment and the protection of the planet, we do not use, or permit the use, of any disposable utensils on our farm.

Thus, our picnic baskets contain only reusable utensils.
The baskets contain a tablecloth and cloth napkins, glass plates, stainless steel cutlery, a wooden cutting board, glass storage vessels. For wine buyers, also crystal glasses and a corkscrew.

Therefore, those who wish to consume the baskets outside our compound, leave a deposit and get it back, when the basket and its utensils are returned.

Shula’s deli

In the deli you can find various homemade delicacies. such as:

  • Cured, dried, cooked and roasted homemade cold cuts
  • Homemade Jams from the fruit of our garden.
  • Homemade condiments, dips and spreads.

The deli is active only midweek, in conjunction with “wine tasting and snacks”.